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5 Developments to watch in Wake Forest

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Wake Forest knows no shortage of growth. For those who make up the 218% population increase over the past two decades and for those who have called Wake Forest home for much longer, construction has become as much of a scenic staple as the chapel steeple at Southeastern Seminary or Shorty’s bright red dogs. While dozens of business, residential, and retail developments are currently underway in Wake Forest, these five projects are some of the biggest indicators of Wake Forest’s strategic and monumental growth.

Comprised of 77 acres spanning a quadrant on both sides of the N.C. 98 Bypass (Dr. Calvin Jones Highway), this future development is expected to feature mixed-residential, retail, office, medical, and hotel spaces to be cornerstoned by a Wegmans high end grocery store, known by many as  “America’s Favorite Supermarket.”

The site of the 100,000 square foot grocery was chosen as one of the premier Wegmans locations in the state, following ongoing developments in Raleigh, Cary, and Chapel Hill and will be located on the southwest quadrant of the property. It will additionally include greenways and other significant quality of life amenities to connect the larger mixed use development. The selection of Wake Forest as one of the premier Wegmans locations in the state and the further development of a number of new residential and retail properties on the site will offer significantly expanded variety to the nearly 160,000 people who rely on Wake Forest for everyday spending.

Wegmans Wake Forest
Wegmans Wake Forest
Wegmans Wake Forest

Wake Forest Development - PowerHouse Row

Perched on the corner of S. White St. and Elm Ave. in downtown Wake Forest, PowerHouse Row is an estimated $13 million mixed-use development that will host both luxury apartments and retail stores. Located where Wake Forest’s Electric Motor Shop once stood, and near the Town’s former electric power house, PowerHouse Row is designed to pay homage to local history with its unique brick architecture, and local art and photography representing the community’s history as a Public Power Community.

“I hope it will sort of add another destination for people to visit downtown,” co-developer and former Raleigh-city manager Russell Allen said. “That it will be a place of vital interest with restaurants and history that builds upon a great small town.” 


The ongoing 32,000 square foot Joyner Park Community Center project is currently under construction in the Town of Wake Forest’s 117 acre E. Carroll Joyner Park. Designed to blend in with the current modern and historical structures situated in the park, the $11 million facility will offer a walking track, gymnasium for basketball, volleyball, and pickleball, multi-purpose rooms, a dance studio, and much more to the community. The project is currently nearing completion and is expected to open to the public in the later half of 2019.

Since 2004, development in Downtown Wake Forest has been guided by the Renaissance Plan for the Heart of Wake Forest. While including recommendations for variety of projects and multiple visionary elements, one of the most immediately noticeable elements of the historic downtown’s evolution has been the millions invested into street beautification projects. Currently, nearly $5.7 million of investment is seeing new trees planted, power lines moved underground, sidewalks beautified, curb extensions, and more on South White Street, East Owen Avenue, and Stadium Drive.

These projects work to maintain momentum, sharpen focus, and retain the vibrancy of Downtown Wake Forest as a destination for all peoples by investing in charms characteristic of a small town while maintaining the convenience of a big city. The goals of these projects “are to connect the historic core, provide a pedestrian-friendly experience, create a destination, and put people first,” Candace Davis, assistant to the Wake Forest town manager, said. “The improvements will introduce a more vibrant look to downtown that further enhances the image and character of Wake Forest.”


5 - Residential Development

As one of the safest, best places to raise a family, and fastest growing communities in the state of North Carolina, the significant demand of residential development in Wake Forest is of no surprise. Currently there are dozens of residential projects occurring in all stages of development creating new town homes, apartments, and single-family units These high demand projects are finding themselves located in the heart of Downtown Wake Forest, spanning luxurious lawns, stacked above unique retailers, in conveniently located rural havens, and at prices matching the diverse range of high-end jobs to be found in the community. These residential projects top the list as some of the most significant for Wake Forest:

In addition to dozens of residential projects that are improving the quality of life in Wake Forest, multiple hotel projects are highlighting Wake Forest as a Triangle destination for education, entertainment, business, and more. These projects include current construction of Tru by Hilton, one of the nations first of this particular hotel chain, and Vue Hotel.

With a commitment to strategic, business oriented growth, Wake Forest is poised to offer a future for business that truly characterizes the dynamic formula of living, working, and playing.

See below to discover current active developments in Wake Forest, North Carolina.