Here is what corporate executives, business leaders, and entrepreneurs are saying about doing business in, and with, Wake Forest, NC.

Wake Forest Business and Industry Leaders

John Jamieson
Senior Adviser
Ultra Electronics-Ocean Systems

"For me it was an easy decision because I think it made good business sense. For one thing the cost of doing business and the business culture here, the sort of culture of cooperation with small businesses here in Wake Forest, and then from a personal perspective it was quality of life. You know, it was kind of a no-brainer, so.”

Gerard Hayes, PhD
President and CEO
Wireless Research Center of NC

The future of technology in Wake Forest is pretty unlimited, it’s basically limited by your imagination….Here in Wake Forest we have the Wireless Research Center which is a unique asset right on the edge, the cutting edge of developing those technologies.  In the greater region there are areas of technology on biomedical as well as pharmaceutical and our universities in the area are world class.”

Robbie Earnhardt
President and Owner
Superior Tooling

“The town was very easy to get along with...We actually worked with the town to develop the area that we are in. We found the land, the property here and worked with the Town to develop the property and develop the industrial park that we are in today. They were very eager for us to work with them. It was just a great experience for both us and the town."


Wake Forest Start-Ups and Entrepreneurs

DavidMcWilliams Headshot.jpg
Jennifer Ray Headshot.jpeg

David McWilliams
CEO and Founder
Sugar Maple Interactive, LLC/REACH

“I want entrepreneurs to see Wake Forest as a thriving community where there’s not a shortage of talent needed to help them develop their business. We decided to come here because we thought that the schools, and the community in general, were better suited to our family style than what we were seeing in Raleigh. It was crowded, noisy, and we were wanting something a little different, a little slower pace with a more community feel.”


Jennifer Ray
Founder and Owner
Redwood Productions/Taygra, LLC

“Business is prime in Wake Forest. There’s enough growth that it can support any new business starting. It’s easy to get started here, it’s easy to promote your business from here, it’s easy to find a place to live. It was easier to start a business in this Town versus being just a number in Raleigh.”